5 Gardening Tips That Actually Work

Gardening is a basic use of resource land. From the primitive life, people used to bring small pieces of land in their use. These activities included sowing of crops and developing the land as nurseries adding to the aesthetics of the human being. Apart from its entrepreneurial benefits, gardening is a very useful hobby as well. People adopting […]

Botany is a branch of biology

it observes and classifies their forms, structure, functions, through different branches that focus from time to time on some particular aspects of the plant: the modalities nutritional or reproductive, geographic distribution, possible uses in other fields (scientific, pharmaceutical, food, …) The first scholar of antiquity that we could identify as “botanist” was the Greek Theophrastus, disciple of Aristotle, […]

How to Gardening techniques

Gardening is a philosophy of life, a way of thinking, a hobby, but also a set of techniques that teach us to take care of and cultivate plants. The “gardening techniques” section was created with the aim of helping everyone, passionate and otherwise, to love and practice gardening through the most effective techniques and methods. Detailed descriptive cards […]